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Workshop: @UWSDigital Social Media Masterclass at Bournemouth University

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Introduction On Thursday and Friday of last week (16th and 17th of February) David McGillivray and I were invited to Bournemouth University, School of Tourism to deliver a full day workshop around social media and higher education for their staff and students in the department. The day was split between a two hour workshop designed to demystify some of the…

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Why Social Media Surgeries Work… @UWSDigital #uwsltas

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Social Media Surgeries in Melrose on Flickr Last week we completed the final set of social media surgeries, the first half of the project that I’ve been part of  in the south of Scotland. So far I’ve made 6 round trips (and about to make the 7th) to Scotland in 6 weeks (a new record even for me), equating to…

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Update on @UWSDigital & Social Media for the South of Scotland Surgeries

We are at the half-way point of the first part of the research project I’ve been assisting with, providing social media support to communities in the south of Scotland. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve visited two locations, as part of the UWSDigital team in Dumfries and Galloway (Aston Hotel, Dumfries and The CatStrand (a community arts venue in New Galloway)) to…

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