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Media in Scotland’s Communities – Prelude

I’ve been the chair of the Brilliant Scotland steering group for the last 2 years – the Media Trust ran project comes to an end in May – and it will end with a celebratory event in Craigmillar, Edinburgh on the 22nd of April. The focus is the title of this post. This post aims to pull together my starting…

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Reflection from #CJ15: Moving beyond ‘hyperlocal’ hating & towards a healthier Community Journalism debate…

Another one of epic ‘jotting down every thought in my head whilst in Japan’ writing retreat posts.  After 16 hours of train travel on Tuesday (Glasgow to Doncaster, Doncaster to Cardiff), I got a full 18 hours in Cardiff to take part in Cardiff University’s Centre for Community Journalism (C4CJ) conference entitled “What’s next for Community Journalism?” – a free…

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Presentation: Stories and Streams at the University of the West of Scotland Learning & Teaching Conference.

Stories and Streams was a project that I have blogged a lot about last semester whilst at Birmingham City University, where I have taught new media theory, alternative media and web production for the last 3 years. We (Jon Hickman, Paul Bradshaw and myself) were funded by the centre of excellent in learning and teaching within BCU to evaluate and…

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Project: Stories and Streams, week 5. “The module is not what I expected.”

A couple of days ago, I reflected on the move towards a student -led curriculum on the alternative media and web production course that I am running at BCU. Since the change of class structure this year to a ‘stories and streams’ format, some of the common issues that I have faced has been questions relating to the expectations of…

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Project: Stories and Streams, Week 3 – Incorporating Feedback, (27-4) Support & Learning Outcomes.

For more context and posts on the Stories and Streamsproject, check out the website. Today’s class was the first week that it felt that the majority of the students had a clear understanding of their role in the group and how they are working as a class as a whole, with most of them having already published aspects of their…

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Stories and Streams, Week 2: Exploring the Role of Alternative Media Workers @BCUMedia

Introduction See previous posts for context on the ‘stories and streams’ project at Birmingham City University. Introduction Week 1 Stories and Streams blog [With all posts from Paul Bradshaw and myself, plus student bloggers from the module Luke Seager and Jennie Cosh and videos from Humaira Razzaq (all student-academic partners)] This week’s Alternative Media stream focused on the roles and the mode…

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