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What is it that you do?

Hullo. Long time, no write. Question. What AM I doing? Folk keep asking me what is it I actually do. It’s good. I’m living in one place now, not everywhere and nowhere. I can firmly announce that I’m not “olympic girl” anymore, I’m not having to have to self-embargo on my opinions down the pub. I am not mad-for-it on…

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On being in London, “doing the ‘lympics” and putting the brakes on.

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The last time I wrote one of these blog posts was back at the end of January 2010, several days before I was due to head out – on my own – to the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. I remember at the time feeling a whole wave of different emotions; excitement as it was my first long distance flight, my…

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Reflection: Education for the crisis? Notes from #e4c, 29th March

This blog post has been burning in my head since last week, feeling (rightly so) equally troubled, inspired and generally itchy about the whole subject area so excuse me if I get all ramble-y in places, I’m still working this out in my own head. Last week I was invited along (with around 40 others) to be part of a…

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Presentation: Reflecting on Portfolio Careers for Early Career Researchers

Introduction I was invited by the Oxford University Careers Service to give a presentation on a panel about portfolio careers and academia. I was asked because of the work I have been doing during my PhD and how I have been managing the process as an early careers researcher. The slides are below, but I’ve also included some of the…

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Review of the year: If 2012 is about the Olympics, then let 2011 be all about the croquet!

“haw pal, if your no playing get aff the pitch!” So it is that time of year again – and I can’t believe that we are approaching 2012. It’s always felt so far away. Far away, in the sense that it was the year that i aim to complete my PhD (so therefore my 18 month academic diary is deliberately empty to…

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