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Project: Introducing #DigitalBurns, Robert Burns vs Social Media & Event Amplification

I was working with John Popham on the “Our Digital Planet” project when it visited Glasgow last October when we got chatting about the potential for exploring the potential for digital Robert Burns night. You see, it is a little known fact that I’m originally from a small costal town in the south west of Scotland that happens to share…

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The Weekly Round Up: 21st of January 2013-25th of January 2013

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Home-working: Two weeks in… This week I have been thinking a lot about time management and about the way I manage my own workload and my time – and wheres and hows of I work through projects. So moving into a new flat on the 31st of Dec – and promising myself that I would use that new flat as…

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Reflection: Education for the crisis? Notes from #e4c, 29th March

This blog post has been burning in my head since last week, feeling (rightly so) equally troubled, inspired and generally itchy about the whole subject area so excuse me if I get all ramble-y in places, I’m still working this out in my own head. Last week I was invited along (with around 40 others) to be part of a…

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