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On #servicedesignday – 3 ways service design can help you PhD (and you don’t need to be a designer!)

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So @MikePress let me know that it was International Service Design Day – and asked if I would contribute a short blog post about the role of service design in my work practice. Specifically, how I used it in the final stages of writing up the PhD. So it is totally applicable beyond As I said I would spend only…

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Work update: So how was your summer?

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I’m now 2.5 months into my 6 months stint of final ‘writing up’ of the PhD. It has been some summer (spent sitting in my PhD kitchen den) – where I’ve been doing a lot more than I thought I would by this stage. Which is good. I’ve now got 3 months and 2 weeks until I hand in the…

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PhD to completion – The final 6 months

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TL;DR: I quit my associate lecturer job so I can finish my PhD full time before December. I am still available for freelance and project based work. This is a post about my boundaries.  This has been quite a difficult post to write. In fact, this is the third time I’ve attempted to start it after deleting the last two…

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Media in Scotland’s Communities – Prelude

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I’ve been the chair of the Brilliant Scotland steering group for the last 2 years – the Media Trust ran project comes to an end in May – and it will end with a celebratory event in Craigmillar, Edinburgh on the 22nd of April. The focus is the title of this post. This post aims to pull together my starting…

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Three ways that an international research trip can benefit your PhD

Last month, I had the privilege of taking part in a research and knowledge exchange visit to Osaka University in Japan. I feel as if the experience was incredibly beneficial in relation to my PhD journey, but also in terms of being able to understand and navigate academic life through an alternative lens. I’ve had this post sitting in draft…

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Writing Retreats; or how a trip to the mountains helped me restart my PhD.

Inspired by this call to action from Jessica on collecting the stories of mental health and PhD students, and the fact I am looking forward to working on ‘it’ through the enforced Christmas annual leave that working in a University insists I take (:-D),  I thought I would give an update on my progress of trying to get back on…

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