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New publication: Stories and Streams: A problem-based design for student-Led collaboration and peer-to-peer teaching across media practice modules

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally had the chapter developed from the Stories and Streams project (that took place at BCU in 2012/2013) published in a new book called “Collaborative Learning in Media Education.” The book is available to buy here but is also available through open access. Citation: Marcus Leaning (eds), 2015. Collaborative Learning in Media Education.…

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Digital Commonwealth featured as case study in Creative Citizens’ Variety Pack.

After being included at the first Creative Citizen’s conference on the 18th-19th September at the Royal College of Art in London, we were approached by Dr Dan Lockton to contribute to the Creative Citizens’ Variety Pack that brought together case studies of inspiring digital ideas from community based projects. The pack is now available as hard copy and can be…

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New Publication: Events and Resistance

Just a quick update to say that I’ve had an article that I co-wrote with Prof. David McGillivray published in a new book called “Research Themes for Events”  which was released a few weeks ago. Reference: McGillivray, D. & Jones, J. (2013) Events and Resistance in: Finkel, R., McGillivray, D., McPherson, G. & Robinson, P. (eds) Research Themes for Events. CABI Publishing.

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Research: Sharing MA thesis online and a bit of a PhD update…

I completed my masters back in 2008 (MA in New Media and Society at the University of Leicester) but (shock horror) I never put my dissertation online at the time… even though it is about Facebook and much of my essays were skirting around the politics of open access and social media – before there were really words to describe…

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New Publication: The Olympic Movement, New Media and the Monitization of Open Media

Ages ago (I’m talking summer 2010), I wrote something with my PhD Supervisor Prof Andy Miah on the Olympic Movement’s New Media revolution and the monitization/exploitation and intellectual properties of open/citizen media around media events of this scale. It was published in the Handbook of Olympic Studies and a few weeks ago I received an actual, physical copy of the book. My…

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Publication: The Imaginary SXSWi:If SXSWi is a Dream, Then How Do We Wake Up From It?

An article that I coauthored with my colleague Jon Hickman from BCU has been published in the special edition of FlowTV journal for SXSWi. FlowTV is a critical forum on television and media culture published by the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas at Austin. Flow’s mission is to provide a space where the public can discuss the changing landscape…

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