Say Hello to Architecture: Talking Heads Video (Community Evaluation Video)

Back in September 2015, I ran a short workshop in Lochgilphead, Argyll on ‘digital storytelling on a shoestring’ for the Stalled Spaces Scotland initiative. It was awesome.Stalled Spaces Group


Stalled Spaces Scotland managed by Architecture & Design Scotland and a spin out from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games legacy project of the same name.

A&DS got back in touch at the start of the year and asked if I would be able to help them produce a video resource for their funded groups to support the ‘social capturing’ of their Hello to Architecture events programme in celebration of the the Scottish Government’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design and the Festival of Architecture in 2016.

The funding allowed me to bring on Fraser Beattie as a production assistant (nothing feels more amazing than the first time you are able to employ somebody else!), who I met through my digital tutor role at Ayrshire Youth Arts Network and together we produced a short concept film for the project’s launch in March.

The final film – which will go out to the groups over the summer & encourage them to try to record their own evaluation- is now available on A&DS’s Vimeo channel.

Say Hello to Architecture: Talking Heads Video from Architecture and Design Scotland on Vimeo.

I’m particularly proud of this one (as it involved overcoming a few wee(massive!) fears of my own), as I’m normally used to delivering workshops live, so had to think about how best to communicate a set of ideas when I’m no going to be there to explain them  – and as it has allowed me to get back behind (and in front of!) the camera again.

As always everything I try to do is to explore the potential of making videos using smart-phones and freely available software to hand. From this, I have a few potential projects on the cards now – each one thinking about how I can not only make the video, but make it possible for other people to have a go and try it themselves.

Thanks to the team for having us back. You can find out more about say hello to architecture events here: