Guest on @EduTalkr Internet Radio: On lessons from Digital Commonwealth

Over Christmas, I was invited by David Noble as a guest on the EduTalk live internet radio show. I spoke about my role as project coordinator on the Big Lottery funded Digital Commonwealth project, discussing the opportunities and challenges of managing a national digital literacy project of this scale.
Some of the key lessons that I address in the podcast below:
  • In terms of a national schools project (targeting 20 learners in each local authority in Scotland between ages of P6, P7, S1 and S2), access to advocates, technology and skills vary depending on the individual contact, teach and local authority, however, it is possible to buoyancy action by using best practice and similarities in projects to help teachers and local authorities gain momentum by using each others’ successes to influence change.
  • Many organisations and facilities already had access to some forms of technology that could help them with teaching digital storytelling within the classroom – however – it was not always clear what was available, who had access and what was allowed. It was important to be flexible and work with each school/group on an individual basis to ensure that the skills could be taught within each varying context.
  • Using an event as a catalyst for producing content allows for those participating to have a ready made focus to begin developing content. It is much harder to learn digital storytelling skills when you are staring at a blank page. Similarly, it doesn’t need to be an event the scale of the Commonwealth Games, any event will do.
You can listen to the full programme here – and EduTalk Radio is broadcast live Tuesdays and Thursday nights 7-8pm GMT here.