Publication: The Imaginary SXSWi:If SXSWi is a Dream, Then How Do We Wake Up From It?

An article that I coauthored with my colleague Jon Hickman from BCU has been published in the special edition of FlowTV journal for SXSWi. FlowTV is a critical forum on television and media culture published by the Department of Radio, Television, and Film at the University of Texas at Austin. Flow’s mission is to provide a space where the public can discuss the changing landscape of contemporary media.

The article itself is a critique of the perceived value of UK participants citing proxy attendance of mega-events as a reason for public funding – that is, when individual’s argue that personal attendance at a trade fair is beneficial and can be shared later as a source of ‘public good’ to a wider audience, even when all media content is available for free and online during the event.

The full article is available here.