Project: Help Me Investigate the Olympics #media2012

Through the work that I have been doing at Birmingham City University and collaboration with Paul Bradshaw on the Online Journalism and Alternative Media module, we have launched a new Help Me Investigate site focusing on the Olympic Games, to provide support, help and resources for people exploring critical aspects of the mega events. Along with Paul, I’ll be curating submissions and adding posts relating to documents, data, links, questions and other information relating to all aspects of the Olympic Games, beyond the remit of sport.

More details about Help Me Investigate is available on Paul’s website, the online journalism blog.

2 thoughts on “Project: Help Me Investigate the Olympics #media2012

  1. As an independent film-maker I spent a decade tracking the development of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics…. and a very frustrating exercise it was.
    I was not anti- or pro-… just looking to see what I could find.
    In the end, this is what I found to be the story that might resonate the most. These men in charge did everything in their power to dissuade me from this work, but they found out that persistence can outweigh even the stoutest stonewall.

    I’m not sure if this provides anything towards what you might be looking for, but just in case…
    George Orr
    North Vancouver Canada

    1. Hi George, thanks for leaving a comment and getting in touch. I spent a portion of my research in Vancouver (6 weeks during games time) so it is always interesting for me (on a personal level) to encounter others who were capturing the histories of the event. Would it be ok for me to ask if we could embed this video on HMI and perhaps get a few lines from yourself about it (for context) and some links? My email is email @ jennifermjones dot net. Thanks, Jen

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