Workshop: Social Media for ASBCI Student/University Network (on behalf of @SkillsetSSC)

Through my recent work as part of the UWS Skillset Media Academy, I was recommended by Skillset Scotland to Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry (ASBCI) to lead workshops on Social Media to their student and College / University Network at the University of Huddersfield and De Montfort University. Today (8th Feb) I spoke at Huddersfield.

 The overall aim of the sessions are to give an introduction to social media in the context of fashion and textiles industry, by demonstrating forms and practices through the use of free (and easy to use) online platforms. Rather than focusing on tools and the how to use tools, I used a range of ideas, contexts and case studies to explore the use of social media platforms that would be currently used as a personal space and more them towards a network-based professional environment. Rather than telling students “not” to do something, instead I encourage them to think about being searchable, contactable and letting their legacy of their online behavior reflect what would like to achieve in their chosen career.

The slides from the session are below and can be used in various contexts (beyond fashion and textiles) as the focus is less on the industry and more on creating personalised professional environments online.

I will be delivering similar workshops for the Fashion and Textiles department at De Montfort University in Leicester on the 22nd February.