Media Publication: In support for #nov9 #solidarity (for Guardian Higher Education Network)

Last week Eliza Anyangwe from the Guardian Higher Education network got in touch, asking if I would provide a vox-pop for an article “Professional perspectives on the student protests” (I’m a professional, lol!) – which I am always happy to oblige, especially in support for the recent protest on the 9th and the forthcoming strike action on the 30th of November. For me, as a final year PhD student, and part of the early career researcher community, we need to show a united front and work together to raise awareness in the discrepancies in not only the provision of cheap post-graduate labour, but also have the courage to be critical of what we are being told and what we are being asked to tell other (namely, the 9k-a-year students of the future.)

Academic courage seems to be a recurring theme of my recent discussions with friends and colleagues, and has much to do with why I am going to be teaching-out at Occupy Nottingham as part of the Third University this Friday – and running a session on occupying the Olympics (complete with my Team GB tracksuit) at the Tent City University within Occupy London on Saturday.