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Social Media for Research: Open Resource and Reflection for #MASocialMedia

I would like to share the session that I had prepared for a guest workshop that I was to deliver to this year’s MA in Social Media. Something, judging on last year’s session – and the 6 other sessions that I’ve delivered over the last 3-4 weeks, I was looking forward to trying out and exploring using social media as…

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Occupying the Olympics: What can be done? (From @tentcityuni) #occupy2012

It was timely to hold a session at the Tent City University within the Occupy London camp on the notion of occupying the Olympics a day prior to the Independent reporting that the government are looking to ban demonstrations during the games next year. It emphasised completely what is going to happen, and what will happen, as the government cannot afford to…

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On Citizen Media: Types, Governance and Education. #media2012

One of the groups who have got behind the #media2012 project in the North-West are a arts and media organisation called Let’s Go Global, based in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester . They’ve been using the #media2012 initiative as a mechanism for providing ‘citizen journalism’ training to volunteers from around the region, specifically focussing on covering arts and culture in the…

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Occupying the Olympics: The Future of Education and #OccupyLSX

#occupylsx (photo credit: @andymiah) Reposted from the Creative Futures Research Centre blog: On Saturday 19th November, cf. Associate Jennifer Jones will give a talk at Tent City University, a space within the #OccupyLSX where people can “learn, share knowledge and develop skills through a wide series of workshops, lectures, debates, films, games, praxis and action.” The Occupy movement has captured the attention…

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Media Publication: In support for #nov9 #solidarity (for Guardian Higher Education Network)

Last week Eliza Anyangwe from the Guardian Higher Education network got in touch, asking if I would provide a vox-pop for an article “Professional perspectives on the student protests” (I’m a professional, lol!) – which I am always happy to oblige, especially in support for the recent protest on the 9th and the forthcoming strike action on the 30th of November.…

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Update on @UWSDigital & Social Media for the South of Scotland Surgeries

We are at the half-way point of the first part of the research project I’ve been assisting with, providing social media support to communities in the south of Scotland. In the last 2 weeks, I’ve visited two locations, as part of the UWSDigital team in Dumfries and Galloway (Aston Hotel, Dumfries and The CatStrand (a community arts venue in New Galloway)) to…

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