Cultural Leadership Development in Istanbul: Working for the British Council

“Evening on Bosphorus” by andra_life shared under creative commons license.

Tomorrow I am heading to Istanbul to do some work with the British Council as part of a teamfrom Little Star, a digital production company from Manchester. We have been asked to cover a Cultural Leadership workshop, a event that brings together 47 cultural leaders worldwide to discuss individual and collective notions of responsibility in this area.

My role is to live-blog the event (which includes the speakers listed here), update the BC’s social media accounts, interview participants using audioboo and to help with the film making process. The event is being held during the 11th International Istanbul Biennale, so the participant’s afternoons are dedicated to culture walks and tours of the city. There will also be a chance to cover some of this more informal activity as well.

I’m quite excited about going as part of a ‘crew’ (which I have Julian to thank for!)- as I much prefer to be doing things during events rather than simply ‘consuming’ them. As well as that, I’ve never been to Istanbul before – and have heard wonderful things about it as a city, so look forward to both my official and my unofficial tour (as I’ll be meeting an IOA friend over there)

I’ll update this entry with more information about where I will be sharing content from the event – it’s going to be a busy week!