Presentation at the International Olympic Academy: Harnessing the Twitter Olympics

If you’ve been following on twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been studying at the postgraduate session at the International Olympic Academy in Greece (near Ancient Olympia) since the start of September. Each week is based on a core set of themes (ancient history, sports management and sociology etc), with rotating visiting professors from differing background and related participant presentations (that were used to apply for the academy).

This week, during philosophy and ethics week, I delivered my own paper on the twitter olympics, looking at the use of new media from Vancouver to London (but touching more on protest, resistance and activism). I wrote this paper last year, but the session was cancelled due to financial problems, so I’ve been looking at this area for a while now. I am glad that I’ve *finally* presented this topic and I can begin to move on to other ideas more formally.

The full paper below (which will be formally published as part of the IOA’s conference proceedings) – as well as the slides and a audio recording of the presentation, synced along the slides.