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  1. Hi, thanks for the liveblog, I found it really useful – especially the links and examples I could go and look up myself.

  2. That's great – seems to be quite a positive outcome. From previous attempts to liveblog its been either a) too hard to do from mobile device or b)overkill of info for those who aren't really interested in the topic at hand.

    Plus, got a ready made set of notes (with links) to take back to the office and share with others.

  3. Thanks for demoing this use of FriendFeed as a liveblog. I had no idea it could be used in this way.

    As you say, some very useful elements – you're writing notes as you go, you can include URLs as you can, others can join in easily, and you've got a permanent record for yourself and others. Clearly it worked via mobile, although I take your point that you were pretty tired at the end of it.

    Scribblelive.com is worth playing with, if only because it seems to allow you to pull in/aggregate other content (OK, just Twitter at this point) easily. Also the ability to post pictures is handy. But it doesn't allow embedding of e.g. Flickr photos or YouTube videos, which I think would enhance its impact.

    Sorry we didn't meet in person but I recognised you as the person in the Q&A making the most of the opportunity to ask questions. Good stuff.

  4. Hi Howard, sorry for the delay in reply -I wrote a fantastically long and linked comment earlier in the week, something happened and it got lost in the ether. Glad it all worked out and was a positive and useful experience – especially seeing as the digital leap team has used the live blog in part of their follow up.

    Sorry didn't get the chance to meet you in the flesh, but hopefully we'll be in similar circles now and catch up in the near future!

    – Jay Jay

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