Public Lecture for University of Leicester Alumni

I will be updating soon about #uanda (loads of reflections and data to work through) but currently I’m sitting in KE3 about to give a public lecture on my work for University of Leicester alumni. It’s part of the day job y’know…

(adapted from #uanda with a bit more video and a bit more explanations – I have 45 mins as opposed to 5 yesterday)

I’m inviting my guests to have a conversation with me – it’s difficult in the context of a lecture, but not so much when we hit last orders in the redfearn tonight.

The more I do this, the more I enjoy it and the more I want to keep doing it – and it’s fun playing the academic game to full advantage. #opensourcelearning

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Uses and Abuses

I’m so busy with the day job, I can’t seem to get excited about my own event tomorrow. I’m about to commit social media abuses as we speak, so feeling a bit like a hypocrite. LOOK – a press release, copied, pasted and added to a blog with little to no reflection. I invite others to take this press release, mash it up, take it out of context and throw it back at me – as long as it is tagged #uanda.

I’ve managed to confuse people into thinking that this event is 1) a lot bigger than it actually is and 2) ran by a small troop of phd students. I’m afraid that it’s just little old me – so if I forget anything tomorrow, please forgive my scatter brain and assume that I’ve driven myself half crazy in the process. I have recruited some others to make sure that everyone has a badge, wifi, some lunch, a cake and a seat – it is the important things that matter!

Social Media Press Release

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NLab Amplified Individuals and Business Resilience

Here is a recap of the tweets from yesterday’s nlab event at IOCT at De Montfort University, as well as some interesting stats relating to the twitterstream. As I was conducting research on behalf of NLab, I shall be revisiting this post quite soon – as and when analysis and write-up has been completed and published.

Fantastic day, great catching up with ye old social media favourites, the amp09 team – as well as meeting a whole new wave of Leicester people to connect with. 

So – all eyes on me now as we start to move closer to uses and abuses next week – the programme will be available from tomorrow, but will be posting it online so everyone can see what is going to be occurring at the University of Leicester next Friday! Can’t wait!

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NLAB Amplified Conference

I’m going to be conducting some research during NLab’s Amplified Individuals and Business Resilience event this coming Thursday at the IOCT, De Montfort University. The event is now full (the invitations were seeded) but there shall be plenty activity to join in with online. The tag for the event is #nlab. Looking forward to working with the NLab and Amp09 crew.

Some details about the event are below:

Amplified Individuals and Business Resilience

Thursday 18th June 2009

Institute of Creative Technologies, De Montfort University

A free one day event hosted by NLab and Amplified

Economic constraints coupled with new technologies mean that changes in the way we work are creating both dilemmas and opportunities.

The Amplified Individual has the necessary skills to grapple with these challenges and use them to create a resilient business model. This event will explore the nature and characteristics of the Amplified Individual and enhance your own level of amplification. Come along expecting to interact and contribute in order to share the valuable takeaways of an unusual and challenging series of encounters.

For more details, please visit NLab: Creativity and Collaboration blog.

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